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Greensboro, North Carolina Subsidized Senior Housing


Greensboro, NC, is often the top choice of senior citizens looking for a gateway-like destination to spend their ‘golden’ years. Boasting a classic Southern charm, the city bustles with beautiful parks, cultural events, and fabulous amenities. Plus, Greensboro is located in the state's center, making short trips to the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains and Atlantic beaches very convenient.

When it comes to weather, Greensboro is one of the few cities where one can experience all four seasons. While summers and winters can be a little uncomfortable for some elderly, spring and fall welcome a delightful landscape along with plenty of outdoor activities. The city also has a well-planned road system with many affordable public transport options for senior citizens.

With over 300,000 residents, the population of Greensboro is quite diverse. And notably nice! The people here go above and beyond to exchange greetings and help neighbors.

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Above all, the city’s real estate prices and cost of living are lower than the state and national average. And if an elderly person is struggling financially, there are numerous low income housing options in Greensboro to help them live comfortably.

In this guide, let’s learn more about Greensboro, NC low cost senior housing options.


  1. Benefits of Living in Greensboro, NC Low Income Senior Housing
  2. Income Requirements for Greensboro Subsidized Senior Housing 
  3. What Are Greensboro Low Cost Senior Housing Programs?
  4. HUD Senior Housing - Rents Based on Income
  5. Greensboro LIHTC - Capped Rents for Low Income Seniors
  6. Housing Choice Voucher Program
  7. FAQs About Greensboro Low Income Apartments Senior Citizens
  8. How to Find Greensboro Low Income Senior Living Near Me?


Benefits of Living in NC Low Income Senior Housing

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Most senior citizens are retired and have access to limited income, usually in pensions, savings, and Social Security. However, inflation keeps the prices of essentials on the rise while their income remains unchanged. Due to this scenario, many elderly individuals find it challenging to maintain their lifestyles. The difficulty becomes more apparent when unpredictable medical expenses arise.

A senior citizen’s low income apartment reduces some of the financial burdens by providing them with affordable housing options. The rents for some of these communities are sometimes determined according to the tenant’s income. In some cases, the monthly utility bills are also reduced.

Thanks to the lower cost of living, the elders of our community don't have to watch every dollar they spend. In fact, many of them can save some amount for travel and other leisure.

Another benefit of living in a Greensboro low cost senior housing is the close proximity to other elders. While each home is designed to offer individuals space and privacy, various senior-friendly activities are often held to help entertain the seniors living in the community.


Income Requirements for Greensboro Subsidized Senior Housing

There are different housing programs offered for Greensboro, North Carolina residents. The qualification eligibility for low income senior housing mainly depends on the criteria of the housing program. But In order to qualify, your income must meet the threshold set by the specific state.

For North Carolina, the median family income that is considered ‘low’ is $66,200. The income limits decided for one person are:

  • Low Income = $37,050
  • Very Low Income = $23,150
  • Extremely Low Income = $13,900

Eligibility requirements by the housing programs may be adjusted based on the applicant's unique situation. Some programs also offer preference to veterans.


What Are the Greensboro Low Cost Senior Housing Programs?

There are various options of low income apartments for senior citizens in Greensboro, North Carolina. Here is an overview of the programs:

1.   HUD Subsidized Elderly Apartments, also known as Section 202

The Section 202 housing program is an initiative by HUD. For this program, HUD provided loans to help builders construct affordable housing units for the elderly and their families. The facilities are governed by HUD and checked regularly to ensure they are appropriate for our community's seniors.

To apply for the Section 202 housing program, the applicant's family must have at least one individual over 62. The family must also meet HUD's criteria for North Carolina residents 'low income' or 'very low income' criteria.

The rent for the Section 202 housing program is also income-based and generally fixed at about 25% - 30% of what the family earns.

How to Apply?

Anyone eligible can apply for the Section 202 Greensboro low income senior living apartments. You can use the Senioridy search to locate a residence operating under the program. You can also contact the community manager of the preferred facilities in Greensboro directly and submit your application.

The application will then go through a series of background checks and verifications. You will also be called for an interview. Make sure you are fully prepared for the meeting to avoid delays in your application process. To learn more about what to expect and tips to speed up the procedure, please check this guide: 5 Sure Steps to Qualify for Low Income Housing.


2.   Greensboro Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit program is a federally funded program that offers tax credits to constructors for building affordable housing units. The houses are then passed on to eligible individuals and their families.

Note that LIHTC is not exclusive to senior citizens. Anyone who earns less than 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI) and is over 55 is considered qualifying for low income senior apartments in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The rent for LIHTC is not income-based. Instead, they are calculated based on the number of bedrooms and the income limit attached to the apartment unit. Rents are typically capped at a set amount for each unit and qualified applicants can’t make more than a determined amount of income. Each community will have its income criteria for this, but for senior apartments it tends to be no greater than the Very Low Income level.

The amount of the capped rent is reviewed every year. But the rent will remain constant for the period between reviews, even if your income fluctuates. However, at the end of the lease period, if your income increases too much you would no longer be eligible for the unit.

How to Apply?

The application process for LIHTC is similar to other programs. Just locate a participating program and submit your application. The community managers will evaluate your application and decide accordingly. Please be aware that you will likely be charged an application fee when applying.

When applying, make sure to provide all the required information with your application. Depending on the demand, you may have to wait for some months (even years) for your turn to come.


3.   Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 is a rental aid program launched by the federal government. With this program, a portion of the tenant's rent is paid directly to the landlord by the program. Like other programs, the rent is decided at about 30% of the household's income.

To qualify for the vouchers, the applicant's income must meet the 'low' criteria set by HUD. There is no compulsion of age to apply for the program. Anyone above the age of 19 who earns less than the state's income limit can apply.

How to Apply?

To apply for the housing vouchers, you must contact the Greensboro Housing Authority. Additional information about the requirements and the application forms are available on their website. If your application is approved, you will be issued a voucher that can be used to pay the rent at any participating unit.

You can also use the housing voucher to pay for LIHTC units.

The biggest drawback of the Section 8 program is the long waiting lists. Since the demand for these programs is high, the Public Housing Authority pauses new applications periodically. Check their website regularly to stay updated regarding openings.


FAQs About Greensboro Low Income Apartments Senior Citizens

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Here are some common questions that senior citizens and their families ask when finding affordable senior apartments in Greensboro, North Carolina:

Q1. Does every housing program have waiting lists?

Generally, yes! Given the demand and lack of new constructions, you will find waiting lists at every facility you apply to. However, preference is usually given to the elderly (above 62), disabled individuals, veterans, involuntarily displaced individuals, and the homeless.


Q2. What can make me ineligible for rental assistance programs?

There are many reasons which disqualify a person from receiving financial aid for housing. This may include a bad credit report, criminal background, false application information, and poor rental history. Representatives of HUD are legally abided to inform you of the reason for disqualification. If your application has been rejected, contact the housing office you applied through for clarification.


Q3. Can I apply to multiple waiting lists?

Yes, you are free to apply at multiple waiting lists or housing programs in the city. However, your application will be terminated if you submit duplicate applications at the same housing unit. Keep in mind that sme will charge an application fee just to get on the waiting list so be sure you are prepared to pay for each application. Typically that cost is between $15 - $25 per application.


Q4. Can I be evicted if I am able to pay the rent?

Yes, you will be evicted for non-payment of rents. A 10-day notice will be issued before the termination in most cases. Consult your community manager or legal advisor for more information on your unique situation.


How to Find Greensboro Low Income Senior Living Near Me?

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The best option to find low income senior living apartments in Greensboro, NC is by using the Senioridy search engine. The user-friendly tool enables you to discover affordable housing units in the vicinity of your choice. Each listing has detailed information on the low income senior housing in Greensboro. You can also use the website to contact the facility and gather more information.

The low income housing programs offered in Greensboro, NC, allow the elderlies of our community affordable accommodation to age. It can be a place they can call 'home' without worrying about finances. Use the above guide as a starting point in your search. Good luck!

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