See The Benefits of Premium vs Basic Below

Basic (Free) Provider Pages are free, are quick to add and edit, and can definitely enhance your already in-place digital marketing efforts. Premium Provider Listings can give you a big bolster in search traffic and can help you to grab attention (and prospects) from those seeking your care services! Compare the two below:

Free Vs. Featured Listings Free Listings Featured Listings
Sponsored Ads display on free listings see example
Premium Listings Display as similar listings suggestions on Free Pages see example
Photo Gallery see example
Video Gallery see example
Attachments (Menus, Brochures, etc) see example
Contact Form see example
Link to Website see example
Social Media Pages links see example
Parent Company (links to all owners listings) see example
Detailed Description see example
Features, Amenities, Specialties see example
Care Level Specific Amenities & Specialties see example
Listings Appear on Top of Free level
Listings Marketed on Senioridy campaigns and channels (ex. Senioridy facebook and Pinterest, newsletters, etc)
Basic Info (Title, CMS Rating [if skilled nursing facility], Page Views, Compare, Add to List, Social Share buttons) see example
Main Listing Image see example
Map with Driving Directions (Map Search and on Page) see example
Address see example
Area of Town see example
Automated Driving Directions see example
Owner Phone Number, prominantly displayed see example
Lists All Care Levels Offered (if facility) see example
Type of Insurance Accepted see example
See Previews View Free Listing Example View Premium Listing Example