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Tampa, Florida Low Income Senior Living


Each passing day, more and more seniors are lured towards Tampa, Florida, to spend their golden moments close to the shores. The mild and pleasant weather, laid-back attitude, affordable cost of living, and close proximity to recreational places make life in the city of Sunshine State a bliss. In fact, statistics show more than 12% of people aged 65 and above call Tampa, FL their home.

However, despite living a serene lifestyle, financial concerns remain on top of older people's minds. Aging brings a host of medical-related issues and the need for supporting services, leaving the seniors and their families with no option but to spend a significant portion of their savings on senior care.

Fortunately, Tampa low-income senior housing is one alternative that allows the aged population of Hillsborough County to live comfortably without compromising their finances. Most importantly, these affordable senior communities are equipped with several on-site services to meet the basic requirements of the elderly.

If you are also concerned about the rising cost of living and are in the process of finding affordable senior apartments in Tampa, Florida, read on for more information:


  1. What’s Considered Low Income For Senior Citizens in Tampa, Florida
  2. Tampa Housing Authority Units for the Elderly
  3. What Are Low Cost Housing Programs For Tampa Seniors
  4. Who Does Not Qualify For Tampa, FL Low Income Senior Housing
  5. How to Find Tampa, Florida, Low Income Senior Living Near Me


What’s Considered Low Income for Senior Citizens in Tampa, Florida?

There is no exact answer to this question because whether or not an income is considered 'low' greatly depends on the individual's care needs and family size. However, Florida is amongst the states with the highest senior poverty ranking. The U.S. Census Bureau has defined the 'low income' threshold for a person aged 65 and above at $12,996 .

But whether you are qualifying for low income senior apartments in Tampa depends mainly on the eligibility criteria set by the chosen housing program. The tenant's income determines the rent for these housing entities. Even after paying the rent, it leaves the elders in a better situation where they have enough finances left for other monthly expenses such as medication, assisted care, services, and groceries.


Tampa Housing Authority Units for the Elderly

tampa HA

Tampa has recently invested over $13,000,000 in the renovation of its Tampa area properties and has a large number of dedicated units for the elderly. The J.L. Young Apartments in Tampa hosts over 450 one bedroom and studio apartments for low-income seniors over the age of 55.

In addition to units that are dedicated to strictly elderly citizens, the Tampa Housing Authority also has a very large number of subsidized units in South Tampa, North Tampa, Central Tampa and in the Encore District of Tampa Bay.


What Are Low Cost Housing Programs for Tampa Seniors?

In addition to the units owned by the Tampa Housing Authority, there are other housing programs available for the low income senior household. The three primary affordable housing programs for seniors in Florida are:

  • HUD's Section 202 Housing for the Elderly
  • Housing Choice Voucher Program
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

The requirements and payment plans offered by each of these programs vary. Although the housing programs are specifically designated for senior residents, the services may or may not cater to every aging individual.


Section 202 Affordable Senior Housing Program

The Section 202 low cost senior housing program is operated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In this program, the HUD provides interest-free capital advances to cover the finances of construction or renovation of an existing structure to provide comfortable housing options to the elderly.

finding cheap senior apartment tampa

For rent, the participants pay 30% of their income, while the remaining dues are covered by the subsidy offered by HUD. To qualify for the HUD Tampa subsidized senior housing program, the applicant's income must fall under the threshold set by the entity. The prospective tenant should also be at least 62 of age at the time of receiving occupancy.

To apply for the low income housing program in Tampa, FL, the applicant can directly contact the community manager and send in an application. Senioridy also offers a comprehensive list of senior communities on our website that allows you to filter available low income senior apartments in Tampa and in the Tampa Bay area.

Once the community receives the application, they will typically ask for the submission of some documents as well to verify if you qualify for the senior housing opportunity. The assessment process for the 202 low cost senior living apartments is very straightforward. However, you are encouraged to provide complete and accurate information at the time of the interview to avoid any delays. Once accepted, you will be allowed to move into the allotted space once a unit becomes available.


Housing Choice Voucher Program for the Elderly

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a federally-funded entity that helps low income families, disabled individuals, and the elderly get affordable housing in the state. When qualified, the individuals receive a section 8 housing voucher. They can use this voucher towards financial assistance like rent and utilities.

The housing voucher program in Tampa has two basic requirements of eligibility: income and residency. According to the guidelines, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen and resident of Florida. They should also fall under the very income limit set by the HUD. This is typically 50% or less of the median income.

senior applying for low income senior apartment

The application process for the housing voucher program in Florida is carried out through the Public Housing Authority (PHA). Once the prospective renter finds a suitable apartment that is eligible by the PHA and accepts a housing voucher, they can submit an application and wait for the qualification process to commence.

The only drawback of this program is the high demand. Since anyone over the age of 19 with a low income can apply for the voucher, the waiting list is very lengthy. However, elderly residents of Florida are given a greater priority if their needs appear to be more immediate.


Tampa’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

Initiated by the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the federally-funded LIHTC program offers tax credits to developers to finance the construction and rehabilitation of housing developments. The portion of these housing facilities in Florida is then allocated to low income residents, including households with and without elderly household members.

Similar to other Tampa, FL  low cost senior housing programs, the LIHTC eligibility criteria are based on the applicant's income. According to the guidelines, the candidate must earn less than 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI) when they move.

However, the rent amount set by the LIHTC entity is not based on the tenant's income. Rents are instead set at 30% of the AMI tied to the unit. It is then calculated with an assumed family size of 1.5 persons per bedroom. The higher the number of bedrooms a unit has, the higher the rent will be for that unit. The rent will also include a utility allowance for tenant-paid utilities.

One of the most significant advantages of enrolling in a LIHTC program is that the rent does not change, even if the family's income fluctuates. They will also not be asked to move out if their income sees a significant increase - beyond the LIHTC threshold. But once the tenant decides to move, they must meet the income criteria set by LIHTC to remain eligible for another low cost housing unit in Florida.

To apply for the Tampa, Florida, low income senior living apartments, locate a LIHTC housing unit in the area of preference. You can also seek help from the resources at Senioridy and learn more about the LIHTC program for senior citizens.

tampa lihtc apartments for seniors

The LIHTC program is not specific to seniors only. Since the rents are determined according to the state's median income, they tend to be a little on the higher side. However, some LIHTC units allow the tenants to pay part or complete rent through the rental housing voucher.

The determined rent remains constant for one year, regardless of the changes in the tenant's income. The property owner will review the capped amount for rent and make changes based on the current AMI.


Who Does Not Qualify For Tampa, FL Low Income Senior Housing?

In most cases, the eligibility criteria for Tampa low income apartments senior citizens remain the same. To qualify, the applicants must be of a certain age and receive income categorized as 'low' by the state.

You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to apply for the section 202 and LIHTC program. The housing programs are open to all lawful residents of America. But if your family is undocumented, you disqualify from the federal housing programs.

eviction notice qualification issue

Other factors that may affect your eligibility for Florida low income senior housing include:

  • Eviction from HUD housing in the last five years
  • Prior termination from a low income senior housing community for any reason
  • Debt to a housing authority
  • Criminal records
  • Poor rental history
  • Poor credit report
  • Putting false information on the application.


How to Find Tampa, Florida, Low Income Senior Living Near Me?

There are different low income housing programs available for the elderly in Tampa, Florida. However, finding a suitable unit is a challenging task due to the state's high demand for the properties. Additionally, the waiting lists for these communities can be extensive, especially in a densely populated place like the Tampa Bay area.

The best option for finding affordable senior apartments in Tampa is to use Senioridy's search engine. It’s the most efficient way to find comfortable housing units for senior citizens on a restricted budget. The directory is a free, map-based search platform that elderly individuals or their loved ones can easily use to locate the type of housing they require. From there, you can directly reach out to the property managers and book an appointment.

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