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      Our Favorite Resources for Aging Parents and Seniors


      Here at Senioridy, we like to collect useful resources for seniors in one easy-to-navigate location. That includes information on healthcare, medical insurance, and the other important things you’ve got to think about. But we also strive to provide resources that help you have fun, from transportation to fun-filled activities. Here are a few of our favorite resources, some from our website, and some from elsewhere on the world wide web.

      In-Home Elderly Care

      As we age, we often need a little extra support to get through the day. Senior living communities are a great option for many folks. But if you’re not looking to pack up and move right now, that’s okay! There’s a happy medium between doing it all on your own and moving into an assisted living or long-term care facility—in-home elderly care. Home and community-based services offer assistance with the ins and outs of every day, all within the comfort of your home.

      Transportation for Aging Parents

      For aging parents, traveling to and from different locations to see children and grandchildren may be more difficult than it used to be, or it may not be possible at all without assistance from friends or loved ones. But for parents, it can be stressful to ask their children for rides to and from, even when those children make the offer. It’s always a challenge to get used to the role reversal of receiving assistance from your children. So for aging parents on the go, you can explore our free senior transportation offerings for the next time you just want to hit the road and play with your grandchildren.

      Local Activities

      Seniors are some of the most fun-loving folks around. After a year of working hard, you’ve finally got time to spare. All that’s left is to fill it with the things you want to do! In many communities, there are a whole host of great activities to take part in. But it can be hard to learn just exactly what’s going on and where it’s happening, especially when there are several different local groups planning events. The AARP website is a great tool for rounding up all the wonderful things going on in your community. Many people feel like they have to find ways to keep older family members busy. Change things around! Let family members know what you find and plan a fun day out.

      Senior Centers

      Another great way to get involved in community activities is to check out your local senior center. These centers serve as local gathering places for older adults. Not only do they host activities, but they also collect information about other events happening in and around town. Head into your local senior center and you might just find a few new friends to hang out with or to bring along on your next outing.

      National Council on Aging

      When it comes to practical concerns, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) has you covered. They’ve got priceless information on economic security, healthy aging, and even public policy affecting seniors, all right on their website.

      Whatever you’re looking for, Senioridy is here to point you in the right direction with helpful, trustworthy information.

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