How to Find Affordable Senior Apartments in Miami


Finding affordable senior apartments in Miami doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are many different ways you can go about it, and the best thing to do is start with your local government or non-profit organizations. They will usually have listings of low income housing options for seniors in Miami, as well as information on how much rent they charge. If this option doesn’t work out for you, there are other places where you can find discounts for seniors looking to live in Miami. Some apartment complexes offer lower prices just because the person applying is over 65 years old; while others may give discounts if someone is disabled or retired from military service. There are also several local and federal housing programs available for those over 62 years of age in Miami, Florida. Read on to learn more about the programs that are available.


Miami's Elderly Care Planning Program

The Miami-Dade County Department of Elderly Affairs offers a variety of services to assist seniors and their families in the area. One of these services is the Elderly Care Planning program, which helps seniors find affordable senior apartments in Miami. The program also provides assistance with transportation, healthcare, and other needs. To learn more about the Elderly Care Planning program or to find out if you are eligible, visit the Miami-Dade County Department of Elderly Affairs website or call (305) 575-5500.


The Helen M. Sawyer Plaza Assisted Living Public Housing Complex

Miami's Public Housing Assisted Living Facility offers a wide variety of benefits for seniors who wish to reside in a supportive living environment. The Helen M Sawyer Plaza facility is funded by the Miami-Dade County government, and it provides a wide variety of social and recreational activities for its residents. There are also a number of support services available, such as assistance with medication management, transportation, and personal care.

The Helen M. Sawyer Plaza is a low-income senior housing complex that offers affordable apartments to seniors in Miami. The complex is managed by the Miami-Dade County Housing Agency, and it offers a number of amenities such as a community center, a library, and a swimming pool. The Helen M. Sawyer Plaza is also pet-friendly, and it has on-site laundry facilities and parking.


Public Housing in Miami for the Elderly

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The Miami-Dade County Housing Agency manages a number of public housing developments in Miami. Some of these developments are specifically for seniors, while others are open to all members of the community. All of the developments offer a number of amenities such as community centers, libraries, and swimming pools. In addition, many of them have on-site laundry facilities and parking. Here are just a few:

  • Biscayne Plaza - 305-242-7995
  • Claude Pepper Tower - 305-547-3227
  • Collins Park - 305-635-1888
  • Dante Fascell Preservation - 305-381-0438
  • Abe Arronovitz Senior Complex 305-638-6088

For a comprehensive list of all of Miami's Public Housing for seniors you can visit their website here.


What is Miami-Dade's Rental Assistance Program?

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The Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD) is a new Section 8 program that is being piloted in Miami Dade. The program aims to provide more affordable rental housing to low-income seniors and families. Under RAD, public housing authorities will be able to convert their traditional public housing developments into Section 8 projects. This will allow them to access much-needed federal funding to improve and preserve their properties. By restructuring the way public housing is managed, RAD will improve the quality of life for low-income families across the county.


The Miami Dade Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Miami-Dade County Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as the Section 8 program, is a federally funded program that provides assistance to low-income families and seniors who are looking to rent housing in the private market. Under the program, families are given a voucher that covers a portion of their rent, and they are then responsible for finding an apartment in the private market that will accept the voucher.

If you are interested in applying for the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Miami, there are a number of ways that you can do so. You can apply online at the Miami-Dade County Housing website, or you can visit the local public housing authority office in your area. You can also download an application form and submit it by mail. For more information, visit the Miami-Dade County Housing website or call (305) 575-5500.


Section 202 Apartment Complexes in Miami

There are a number of Section 202 apartment complexes in Miami that offer affordable housing to seniors. These complexes are funded by HUD, and they offer a number of amenities such as on-site laundry facilities, community centers, and transportation services. In addition, many of them have been recently renovated, and they offer units in a variety of sizes.

A person must meet the eligibility requirements in order to be a part of the Section 202 program. The qualifications are that the person must be 62 years of age or older, must be a U.S. citizen or have been admitted for permanent residence, and must have very low income.

If you are a senior citizen over the age of 62 and require low-cost housing, contact the apartment manager directly and complete the qualification and application process with them.


How to Search for Low Income Senior Apartments in Miami on Senioridy

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You can search a list of Low Income Senior Apartments in Miami Florida here on Senioridy by going to the Low Income Senior Housing page and typing Miami into the "Located By" field. You can select how far away from that location, in miles, that you are willing to search.

You can also use Senioridy's easy Map Search feature by visiting the Low Income Senior Housing Near Me page, which can be easily accessed by clicking on the View on Map button at the top of the Listings page. From the Map page you can use the Search Tools and type the word Miami into the Search By Location field. By zooming in or out you can see all of the affordable senior living options in and around the Miami Dade County area.

Seniors looking for Low Income Housing in Miami Florida should take advantage of Senioridy's easy search tools. Senioridy is dedicated to providing resources and information about senior living options for people who need affordable housing but don't want their lifestyle compromised because of it.

This site offers a variety of features and functions that make finding affordable senior apartments easier than ever before: an extensive database with listings from all over the country, an interactive map to find nearby Low Income Apartments near you, and much more!


Helpful Affordable Senior Living Resources

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If you need to find more information about federal programs and subsidies available to seniors then be sure to check out the following resources on Senioridy:


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